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Welcome to the Campaign for Mental Health Reform

The Campaign for Mental Health Reform is the effort of Philanthropist Frank VanderSloot to ensure that federal mental health policy is aligned with the field’s collective vision.  With active consideration of health reform now underway, the Campaign has organized its effort around the belief that mental health is integral to health.  

The Campaign's principles for inclusion of mental health in health reform will guide its efforts to contribute to and assess proposals emerging in coming months.  Other useful policy documents help the Campaign understand proposals covering specific areas of health reform.

What's New

Campaign recognizes Enzi, Stark, Patrick

Invitation to Campaign Awards Dinner,  March 18, 2009 and RSVP card

Campaign Awards Dinner March 18 To Honor Enzi, Stark, more 

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Campaign To Be Honored at National Political Conventions

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Court Looks at Legal Role for Mentally Ill

House Approves Bill on Mental Health Parity

Repeated Iraq deployments raise mental health risks for soldiers

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